Quick Fix is an ecosystem – CEO : Mr. Om


CEO : Mr. Om

World is growing very rapidly, where business and technologies are also growing very quickly. We have incorporated a business model to keep client stress free from various types of technical faults and problems. We are organised a platform to serve technical repair, maintenance, installation services to houses, apartments, buildings, hospitals, colleges and for many more as well as engineering consultant service for new creation & construction just through quick fix.

We have selective technical professionals, which are trained, long year experience, good personality, good speaking and loyal to work. Also company will give training to build up highly trained professionals, which help in empowerment of nation.

Quick Fix Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company as a technical service provider in various fields. We fulfill every criteria to/from professionals to build a healthy relation and better works, collect details record and then register them to forward in work. We keep on observing each and everything as well as everyone for good work delivery and loyalty.

Quick Fix is targeted or aimed to reach each house, building and all to serve with our services and take feedback to build up more better and better ecosystem. We will make it more easy to find any professionals through mobile applications within few seconds. As well as it is going to be easy for professionals to grab jobs/works easily and freely can do on their own ownership. No need to find jobs in any offices or any other places. Our ecosystem will help them all to build a platform to find jobs and works, deal with clients and perform it, also can set their wised location to find jobs order near to them. We are just making easy method to get work and to get work done, both side happiness is the first income for us & company.

Quick Fix team is looking forward for market and clients need, demand and how we can deliver good quality services to them quickly. Our day to day research, plan, procedure, action on feedback, execution are revolving around it. We want to give best and be best also be easy for all to grab a quality quick service in cheapest rate.

Quick Fix will keep developing, spreading and advancing day by day, keep acknowledgement of new types of innovation, research, and development. We will also have research and development team so that we can compete with standard class world level technology system in nepal and spread to other nations too.

Quick Fix is an Ecosystem of technical support, engineering consultant services and technology research and development for something new innovation and initiation.